Date night with my baby. I'm on a two week training program for my new job which leaves me no time left for fun, so I really appreciate these small moments we still manage to squeeze in together. I was wearing white on white, a crocodile printed skirt from H&M and a gorgeous lace top from For Love & Lemons.
Feels really good to be back in Beijing, baby picked me up at airport and took me home to a perfectly clean and organized apartment, decorated with my favorite flowers as always... No words can describe my gratitude to him. Our first stop was Rumi, the best restaurant for Middle Eastern food in Beijing. And because we know the top chef, he made us some special dishes for free... I was in food heaven! You definitely need to stop by if you're in Beijing. 
The view from my apartment never stop amaze me...
For those who may know, it's been a constant battle going on between Beijing and Shanghai in which city would be the best, and everyone has their personal opinion on that question. I myself is obviously a true Beijinger at heart, but must admit Shanghai has a superb social scene. Nightclubs are pretty wild, good hotel bars with even greater view, the city construction is modern and has according to me a mixture of "Las Vegas meets London".
But then, it also has its downsides. What place doesn't? I was gonna be fair about this city for once, and not mention what I dislike about it. Instead I'll share some pictures from when I was there during the winter with my best friend Jiyoung.
Unfortunately I lost my phone during this trip, so these were only the pictures from the first two days. I get a lot of feelings when I'm doing this post, I miss my long hair, and wearing cozy fur jackets! But most of all I miss Jiyoung.
Have any of you been to Beijing and Shanghai? Which city do you prefer, and why?