Nothing turns me on as much as interior design, and something I'm into right now is home offices. This year has given me a lot, and since I just graduated in Business Chinese I'll finally step into the real world and start working as soon as I get back to China. I'm also planning for a side project, and for that, having a chic office at home would be the ultimate getaway for me to let the inspiration flow.
So, here's some office inspiration for all business women out there...
White meets color. Open space, lots of light and a white base with a splash colorful details. I'm a sucker for gold and combined with black & white it's really hard to beat, I just love the feeling of luxury it gives me. Add some fresh pink flowers and you're good to go.
Inspiration board. It wouldn't be a office without a pin board to fill with pictures that inspire you, and quotes that motivate you. Structured or messy, choose what style works best for you. Personally I prefer an organized desk combined with a messy pin board! 
Office gadgets. Who said they had to be boring? Just take a look at the fancy notebooks above, perfect to write down all the ideas that comes to your mind. Keep it classy, and you'll never find it boring to work again.
Decor that makes a difference. Fancy mirrors, designer lamps, cozy pillows, a pile of fashion books for both inspiration and decoration, golden frames, cute boxes for storage, etc etc.

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11 Aug 2014 10:48

Vart köper du inredning i bj? Finns det någon motsvarighet till dongwuyuan eller xiushui typ? :):)

Svar: Jag brukar köpa det mesta online! Om du kan kinesiska kan jag föreslå kinesiska hemsidor :)
Charlie Wandel


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