For those who may know, it's been a constant battle going on between Beijing and Shanghai in which city would be the best, and everyone has their personal opinion on that question. I myself is obviously a true Beijinger at heart, but must admit Shanghai has a superb social scene. Nightclubs are pretty wild, good hotel bars with even greater view, the city construction is modern and has according to me a mixture of "Las Vegas meets London".
But then, it also has its downsides. What place doesn't? I was gonna be fair about this city for once, and not mention what I dislike about it. Instead I'll share some pictures from when I was there during the winter with my best friend Jiyoung.
Unfortunately I lost my phone during this trip, so these were only the pictures from the first two days. I get a lot of feelings when I'm doing this post, I miss my long hair, and wearing cozy fur jackets! But most of all I miss Jiyoung.
Have any of you been to Beijing and Shanghai? Which city do you prefer, and why?

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17 Aug 2014 03:19

Hej! Jag ska flytta till Shanghai nästa år för att plugga i 8 månader och undrar om du skulle kunna berätta mer specifikt vad du gillar och inte gillar med staden? Skulle bli jättetacksam, är så himla nyfiken på o höra vad du tycker eftersom jag också är en tjej som gillar att gå ut och äta, shoppa och liknande. Tack på förhand!


18 Aug 2014 15:59

Bilderna är helt magiska..!


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