I must say Jimmy Choo is my top three favorite brand ever, and I was crushing over his creations before I even was a teenager but sadly never own any shoes. What is even more sad is the fact that me and my boyfriend went to the mall this week to get my favorite heels from the spring/summer collection and got told by the saleswoman that they don't have my size which is 39.5 to be precise. My boyfriend kindly said "oh then take my number and call me when they're in stock?" and she replied "we won't have that size, ever. You should try outside China."
Jimmy Choo Kalmar Rope Sandal SS 2014, isn't he pure perfection?
The weather has been fantastic these couples of days; clear blue sky, not a cloud in sight, and most important of all: no pollution. I'm not a fan of summer after moving to China since the air quality during this time of year is terrible, and I just can't stand humid weather.


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