I'm having my final exams this week and after that I'm graduating in Business Chinese, so you might understand that I've been quite busy with school recently. Last week I wrote an essay about Chinese Economy in comparison with how it changed after China's reform and opening back in 1978, it had to be two thousand characters and I never thought I'd be done with it but finally... hard work pays off.
However, it's important to go out and have fun once in a while. Obsessed with my new body chain I got a while ago, I ordered a few pieces online and been combining them together with a lot of different outfits - simple but stylish.
The Luxury Restaurant Lan Club has always been one of my favorite spots through out the years, and before I even moved to Beijing, I made sure to pay a visit every time I came for vacation. The reason is simple, I'm a sucker for posh interior design and the modern baroque interior made by the french designer Philippe Starck is just mind blowing. 
This weekend I went for the first time in a while, and I noticed there been some major changes. I remember how the staff used to asked if I wanted "the usual" every time I walked in, nowadays none of them works there anymore, and they completely changed the menu (my delicious peppermint cocktail is gone...) Huge dissapointment, but still looks fabolous.
We've celebrated midsummer this weekend with all the other Swedish people living in Beijing, we threw a huge party together, had traditional food, Absolut vodka, danced around the three and later on ended up dancing on the tables... Pure madness, and so much fun - Swedes surely knows how to party.