The Luxury Restaurant Lan Club has always been one of my favorite spots through out the years, and before I even moved to Beijing, I made sure to pay a visit every time I came for vacation. The reason is simple, I'm a sucker for posh interior design and the modern baroque interior made by the french designer Philippe Starck is just mind blowing. 
This weekend I went for the first time in a while, and I noticed there been some major changes. I remember how the staff used to asked if I wanted "the usual" every time I walked in, nowadays none of them works there anymore, and they completely changed the menu (my delicious peppermint cocktail is gone...) Huge dissapointment, but still looks fabolous.

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11 Aug 2014 00:12

Var är toppen ifrån! ? 😍

Svar: Den är köpt här i Kina! :-*
Charlie Wandel


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