If you're a sushi lover like me, Hatsune is the place to go. The restaurant is located in Sanlitun Village and has he most amazing selection of sushi, I've tried a lot from the menu and thinks everything is literally to die for. My bestie Maria works in the fashion industry and on friday after she finished a meeting with a new client, he took us out for dinner and drinks - luckily for us, this guy is a sushi lover as well. He had been living in several countries from France to Africa and had a lot of interesting stories to share, I love listening to people with traveling experience and how it works in different cultures from countries I've never visited before.
Later on we went to the hotel bar at Opposite House for some champagne before the driver took us home. Because "nothing good ever happens after 2 AM" we should've just got to bed, but instead we put on some Louboutin's and headed over to MIX where our Korean friends had the craziest table as always. Welcome to the good life...
I've taken it to the next level and created a new blog, this time I'm writing in English with the hope to attract international readers as well. Some of you might know me from my previous blog, I actually created my first blog back in 2005 (that's nearly ten years ago, geez!) and the past years it's been all about my life in China.

So who am I? Well, I would describe myself as a Swedish girl with a Chinese heart. I grew up in Sweden where I have my family and many of my friends, then suddenly one day my mom decided to take me to Beijing for holiday, a trip that totally changed my life. The capital city of China stole my heart which made me going back and fourth for many years, I got to know a lot of people which I kept visiting and I told myself I'd move there someday, at that point I just didn't know how yet.

Before I ended up in Beijing I lived in L.A for a while and had the time of my life. I'm not going to tell you anything about it now though, let's save the crazy stories for later. But it was also that time I started to study Chinese, became more serious about it than I thought and eventually moved to China where I've been for almost two years now. I'm living 31 floors up with an amazing view over Beijing and have one semester left before I graduate in Business Chinese at Beijing Language & Culture University. I'm enjoying every single moment of this fascinating city and hope to inspire people with my stories, share some glimpse from my everyday life, give you a greater knowledge of what China is like and of course a lot of fashion and inspiration.

Feel free to ask me anything, I love talking to my readers.

Lots of love xx Charlie