If you're a sushi lover like me, Hatsune is the place to go. The restaurant is located in Sanlitun Village and has he most amazing selection of sushi, I've tried a lot from the menu and thinks everything is literally to die for. My bestie Maria works in the fashion industry and on friday after she finished a meeting with a new client, he took us out for dinner and drinks - luckily for us, this guy is a sushi lover as well. He had been living in several countries from France to Africa and had a lot of interesting stories to share, I love listening to people with traveling experience and how it works in different cultures from countries I've never visited before.
Later on we went to the hotel bar at Opposite House for some champagne before the driver took us home. Because "nothing good ever happens after 2 AM" we should've just got to bed, but instead we put on some Louboutin's and headed over to MIX where our Korean friends had the craziest table as always. Welcome to the good life...


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