Feels really good to be back in Beijing, baby picked me up at airport and took me home to a perfectly clean and organized apartment, decorated with my favorite flowers as always... No words can describe my gratitude to him. Our first stop was Rumi, the best restaurant for Middle Eastern food in Beijing. And because we know the top chef, he made us some special dishes for free... I was in food heaven! You definitely need to stop by if you're in Beijing. 
The view from my apartment never stop amaze me...
The Luxury Restaurant Lan Club has always been one of my favorite spots through out the years, and before I even moved to Beijing, I made sure to pay a visit every time I came for vacation. The reason is simple, I'm a sucker for posh interior design and the modern baroque interior made by the french designer Philippe Starck is just mind blowing. 
This weekend I went for the first time in a while, and I noticed there been some major changes. I remember how the staff used to asked if I wanted "the usual" every time I walked in, nowadays none of them works there anymore, and they completely changed the menu (my delicious peppermint cocktail is gone...) Huge dissapointment, but still looks fabolous.
Date nights at MISSA can never go wrong, especially not for a food lover like me... I'm not lying when I say that it's two things that always dominate my mind: eating, and losing weight. Seafood and red wine is a divine combination that's been sneaking up on me the past years and now takes up biggest part of my daily food intake.
Mixed appetizers. I don't eat bread... But I looove hummus!
Seabass with crab risotto... Best I've tried so far.
Beijing by night.
Ending this post with two inspiring pictures, that basically explains itself. Buddha once said "your mind is everything; what you think, you become." If you fill your life with positive thoughts and do good, you will get exactly the same thing in return. That also indicates that if you don't believe in yourself, having negative thoughts either about yourself or others - you will end up in a vicious circle towards a negative life. So learn how to control your mind (in order to live a healthy and happy life) before it controls you.
Now it's time for bed, good night loves! xx