Fall is slowly coming to Beijing and we're already in the middle of my favorite month of the year - september. I'm officially 23 years old and been celebrating my birthday more than once, first me and my boyfriend took a getaway to the ancient part of Beijing where we stayed in the most pretty hutong-hotel and enjoyed the culturalatmosphere. On my official birthday night, Mimi surprised me with home cooked dinner, champagne, amazing gifts and a Chanel cake - already at that point I felt my birthday was completed. The next day everyone went out clubbing and the most valuable moment for me was finally having my friends gathered together. Thank you for all the love and appreciation, couldn't asked for a better birthday!
Date night with my baby. I'm on a two week training program for my new job which leaves me no time left for fun, so I really appreciate these small moments we still manage to squeeze in together. I was wearing white on white, a crocodile printed skirt from H&M and a gorgeous lace top from For Love & Lemons.
Top: Zara
Pants: H&M
Bag: Chanel
Heels: CL
Jewelry: Online
Probably the best fashion advice you can ever get is mixing budget clothes with luxury. Just because you can afford to buy a lot of designer pieces doesn't mean that you know how to put them together; or the fact that they're expensive doesn't imply that they look good. Put your money on accessories that won't go out of time, like classic bags, shoes and jewelry - mix it clothes from budget stores, and you'll still look like a million bucks.
I bought these pants from H&M for 15 bucks earlier this year, I've been wearing them a lot and they're still going strong, lol. My favorite budget store would probably be Zara, and and although I must say there quality is not the best, I still get most of my clothes from there since they always have some cute pieces.