For those who may know, it's been a constant battle going on between Beijing and Shanghai in which city would be the best, and everyone has their personal opinion on that question. I myself is obviously a true Beijinger at heart, but must admit Shanghai has a superb social scene. Nightclubs are pretty wild, good hotel bars with even greater view, the city construction is modern and has according to me a mixture of "Las Vegas meets London".
But then, it also has its downsides. What place doesn't? I was gonna be fair about this city for once, and not mention what I dislike about it. Instead I'll share some pictures from when I was there during the winter with my best friend Jiyoung.
Unfortunately I lost my phone during this trip, so these were only the pictures from the first two days. I get a lot of feelings when I'm doing this post, I miss my long hair, and wearing cozy fur jackets! But most of all I miss Jiyoung.
Have any of you been to Beijing and Shanghai? Which city do you prefer, and why?
I can't stress enough how much I really enjoy being home spending time with my loved ones in Sweden. After being away for so long, I've definitely got a closer connection to my family, and nowadays I enjoy doing things that I never prioritated while still living at home - like hanging out with them doing absolutely nothing - just be. But I guess there's a time for everything, and everyone comes to realize this at some point in life. Family comes first.
Here's some snapshots from my week...
We always take the boat driving a long way to this fancy little restaurant by the shore. I love the atmosphere here, and being so close to the nature... Something you really appreciate after living in the capital of China.
 29th of july is not only my boyfriends birthday but also happens to be our half year anniversary. These six months has truly been an adventure in every possible way and he's bringing out the best sides in me, some that I didn't even knew I had... but also the worst! Haha. I think when you meet that mr. right, you just know. You can feel it in your whole body and the love is just on a different level, at least that's how it feels for me.
Sharing some pics I never posted before, from a trip to Tianjin me and my boyfriend did a few months ago. We stayed at Wanda hotel and originally booked a weekend, but after we bought a membership at the hotel they gave us some extra nights for for free.